PRONK and the Winter from Hell

SC 5  

After a more than year of intense work, my exhibition PRONK! is on view at the Bromfield Gallery in Boston, MA.- in spite of the accumulation of 109 inches of snow in just 29 days, frigid weather that kept any of it from melting and snow bound Bostonians that stayed away from it in droves.  Actually they stayed away from all activities that required public transportation, driving, parking or walking. The Boston Museum of Fine Art saw a 46% decline in visitors this winter so I don't feel too bad.

None the less, I am grateful to have the work finally on view. PRONK! runs through March 28.   (I will post all the glorious specifics with photos in an upcoming post. Including the magnificent fashion show Objet a la Mode, otherwise known as Furry Objects of Fashion with Ice Cream on the Side Damn You Snow)

If you should miss this opportunity there are two more chances to see work from this series I have been in general been calling Still Life in an Age of Anxiety.  Yes, I am anxious. We are all anxious here in Boston.  Climate change is real, people.