wet plate collodion by Daniel Leocadi

wet plate collodion by Daniel Leocadi


Originally from the Midwest, Kathleen Volp credits the yearly cross-country trips in a trailer she took as a child with her large family as one of her major influences. The wonder of road side attractions, historical sites, campsite communities and Catholic shrines fueled her lifelong obsession with souvenirs, oddities and cultural artifacts. In this, Volp found affinity with the work of the the Chicago Imagists.

As a student at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Volp studied with conceptual artist Siah Armajani and kinetic artist Cork Marcheschi further shaping her aesthetics. She later received her BA in Art and Behavioral Sciences from SUNY in New York City. Volp has exhibited nationally and her work is in the New Britain Museum of American Art, New Britain, CT and the Minneapolis Institute of Art (or was, until the experimental materials disintegrated). Volp lives and works in Waltham, MA.

“Objects are the physical products of our collective psyche— they often speak more loudly and truthfully than history books. Volp deliberately uses materials that are familiar and comfortable to the viewer, most often mass-produced, thrift store finds and throwaways. When deconstructed and combined, these cast offs become sculptures that reflect her deep social, political and cultural concerns. Volp works do not demand reverence and awe; they resist classicism forcing the viewer into confronting the ironies and follies of the past as it converges with the presence.”


2019 How?Now. artist statement