changes, mergers and temporary insanity.

sketch for still life with chair, Utrecht cockatoo and fruit

March is the month I get restless.  Spring supposedly is around the corner, although this year there is still deep snow and not a blade of grass or earth in sight.  And snow is again predicted for Monday, St. Patrick's Day.  White and green. It seems a cruel combination.

But March...spring cleaning, the urge to throw away the stale and consolidate the remaining mess.  Meaning like clockwork I am driven by the urge to redo my Blog and Website.  For years I've wanted a combined site that is dynamic and current.  Kind of like the way my studio looks, but without the entire clutter.  Multiple projects, impulsive accumulations, and wondrous merging and collaboration of elements and people I never would have conceived of. The deadline is March 23, 2014 when my other website is not renewed.