The Cujo of all Dust-doggies and Living in the Material World.

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After a year of work, my exhibit Within These Walls is finally up and all I wish to do is crawl into bed and sleep. Deeply. For a long, long time.  Preferably until the sound of a very large martini shaker convinces me its safe to awake.

But the underwear drawer is empty (way past the recycling stage), the dog hair has gathered itself into the Cujo of all dust-bunnies (dust-doggies?), the dinner table groans under the weight of unopened mail and the studio qualifies for FEMA funds.  Meanwhile new deadlines, new exhibits, more marketing, more networking, submissions, thank-you's, meetings, critiques, and "jobs" - all keep piling on.  And the clean-up and catch-up of everyday life just gets harder.  Dear God, make it go away!


OK.  I washed my big girl panties.  I paid the bills, vacuumed, saw the shrink, made a cup of coffee and here I be, awake and ready to resume my place as a responsible adult and fairly mature artist.  I am finally writing a blog post.

Carol McMahon and I had the pleasure of being the subjects of a wonderful well-written piece in the current Artscope Magazine (Mar. 2013) by Meredith CutlerLiving in a Material World.  I couldn't be happier or more grateful.  Meredith writes beautifully and with the insightfulness thats comes from being a mixed media artist herself. Lately when I wonder if anyone gets my work and question why I do this insane art thing year after year, I quietly open up her article, read it and imagine a good dirty martini at my side.

Thank you Meredith and Brian G.

For the PDF click on: artscope43_MarApr13_Volp


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